Counting down the days

Today we didn’t manage to try the new training program, the room was already booked so we had to stick to our old schedule. Matt cast his spell: “Your set. Now!!”… I failed. I’m stuck with the overhead press for about two weeks. I must be doing something wrong.

My squats look more epic, I use normal sized plates. And I got to say “This is just the warm up!” If people ever wonder when you win at powerlifting, well, I think that would be the moment. 50 kg, soon I’ll catch up with the sissies that use the blackboard in the powerlifting room.

I decided to have my 4th solid meal on this diet, simply because my boyfriend is visiting and he cooks really yummy. Salmon and green beans was today’s menu. I went all crazy and bought wild salmon, which is firmer, has less fat and tastes nicer. Surprisingly, it also had the same price as the regular version. Obviously, I claimed we cook for 4 people again.

We had greek salad, and I suggested we get some spring onions. Daniel should be proud. For dessert, we were planing some figs with creme fraiche, but sadly we couldn’t find any figs, so we relaced it with vanilla yoghurt and berries. In my defence, he ate most of the yoghurt, I only had one bite, then finished the box of raspberries.

We visited Arjuna today, the hippie, vegetarian shop, and found some nice dried sour cherries, no sugar added, which were made in Moldavia. They tasted like home-made sour cherry jam – my favourite. Also, cacao nibs – finally! I’ve been looking for those for ages. I really hope they taste nice, but I need to think of a recipe to try them. The shop is quite expensive, but you can find some really interesting stuff in there. The Turkish place next door had roasted aubergines, as Daniel suggested, but we decided to make our own. Anyway, they didn’t contain any preservatives, so I’m keeping that on my list. I can’t roast the vegetables in my college kitchen, and I can’t go to Manchester every time I feel like having aubergine salad. Or can I? I’m definitely shopping on Mill Rd again. The vegetables in Arjuna looked natural and healthy. The carrots and potatoes still had mud and dirt on them, they didn’t have that plastic feeling of supermarket food.

Last day tomorrow! I’ll post measurements and stuff. 😉


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