So I promised something funny…

I have to share this here, because it has to do with the way I am training lately and how this changed my approach on life, in general. Also, it will either amuse or completely gross out the guys. And anything capable of doing that is worth saying.

So, last week a co-worker stopped by our office and started a conversation about his very pregnant wife, about birth and, mostly, epidurals. I had no idea that thing can be so horrible. Apparently, it is only recommended when the mother is too tired during labor and she cannot deliver the baby. And while he was describing the scary procedure, all I could think about was how I would react in such a situation. What would I do when the pain overwhelms me and drains the last drop of energy out of my muscles? And then I knew the solution!

I need to call Matt for sure, because there is simply no arguing when he yells: “One more! Now!!! Of course it hurts, what the f did you expect??”

The end

Epilogue: I’ve seen the schedule for tomorrow. Suddenly, 3.6 kg of a baby doesn’t seem that much anymore. Also, writing this helped me sip my last shake of the day. Tomorrow I get real food. Two more days and I’m there!


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