Still on the diet

I’ve been told I might lose my two readers, so I’ve decided to share a few thoughts that have been haunting me lately.

I’m tired. I’m so tired, I can’t even crawl to bed.  I nearly forgot I have to drink my peanut butter shake. So tired that I can’t stop talking and I’m going to rant here about my life. Thursdays are all about meetings and presentations and proving that I can do better. But things don’t go as smoothly as I’d wish. So it’s never perfect. So Thursdays are also about failure. And Thursday evenings were about rest and recovering. But tomorrow I have another meeting, and I had to beg for more time, otherwise I would’ve been debugging and crying, rather than writing this. I’m joking about crying, at least I hope so. Anyway, it feels good to say that I’m going to bed soon, and solve that problem tomorrow. “Tomorrow is another day”, that’s a luxury I’ve always appreciated.

Every time I get home after such a day, I realise I would normally end up stuffing my face with food. I need to quit that, although an omelette or some grilled meat could be a healthy treat. Tonight I miss chicken liver wrapped in fatty bacon and baked until golden crispy. I’ll make those soon!!!

Anyway, this should be about the diet. Since we’re about to finish it, I might as well discuss it a bit more (before this blog turns into posts about food!!!). I can’t believe we’re nearly there. I almost cancelled a meeting with some friends because they were planning to have dinner next week. I completely forgot I can eat with them as well. I’m so much into this diet, I can’t even understand why people still eat food. “Going for lunch? What are you doing at the pub?”

Being tired doesn’t really go well with the diet. Last week I felt quite ill, so I spent half a day without shakes, then decided not to train and, eventually, managed to get some sleep, one of those sickening, feverish nightmares – still – sleep. The next day I was feeling better and managed to do my v-challenge.

We had cauliflower pizza on Sunday and I couldn’t finish it. It was really good, much better than I expected, but it was too much. I gave up on it, and I was terrified by the thought that… I find food a bit dry now. I’ve had the same feeling two weeks ago, but I hope it’s temporary. The Greek salad was divine though. I ate a whole bowl. And it had onion – which I used to hate, but I didn’t care this time. I ate a little bit of it since the flavour wasn’t very strong. I couldn’t drink my shake that evening. I was simply too full. The guys say this counts as cheating.

Remind me to tell you something funny next time.


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