A lucky day…

Today I had a very special day. I woke up at 6 am to go for training and fell asleep/passsed out until 7:38. So I left in a hurry, forgot my uni card and on the way to the gym I managed to crash my bike. I now proudly wear a purple-red mark on my right knee.

My training session was really poor. I felt very weak and struggled with squats and bench press. I’ve learned some new tricks, though, which made the time spent in the gym worthwhile.

Then I rushed home to get a shower, but there were no more visitor cards at the porter’s lodge, so I ended up sitting in front of my building, on the steps, waiting for somebody to get out. I’ve texted some neighbours, but they weren’t home. I thought  about updating my FB status, hoping that somebody might notice and save me. I felt like a homeless person, tired, cold and covered in mud.

I managed to get back into the house and the day continued without any incidents.

And this is where it gets bad. I had a formal booked for dinner. A formal at a very posh college, with exquisite menus and great expectations. I mean…menus with smoked salmon, rib eye steak, leg of lamb, guinea fowl, duck leg rillette and all sort of stuff I didn’t even hear about before. I checked previous menus when booking the place and I was really looking forward to having this dinner. And then my main course was… crab risotto. With roasted potatoes… I don’t think I’ve seen such a sad plate in my life. I wanted to take a photo, but it was unbearable. We searched for the crab in vain. I had rice and potatoes for dinner. I just couldn’t wrap my mind around it. Who on earth eats rice with potatoes?? The entire meal had hardly any protein. The healthiest thing was the rucola salad, with 3 cajun nuts and some shredded cheese. I hate rucola, but the tiny salad was heaven compared to the rest of the food. Even the buttered bread and the mango pure with whipped cream seemed a healthier version compared to the main course. I picked up the peas from the risotto and called it a day. Such a disappointment!




Breakfast used to be my favourite meal of the day. After this diet, somehow things have changed. I didn’t like the morning shakes and, in spite of their replacement, the joy was somehow gone. So I thought about this:

I swear there was some cottage cheese underneath all that sweet goodness.

This and some flavourful Lady Grey restored order to the universe.


I did not set the fire alarm off and I achieved this:

For anybody interested, behold the pan:


If you’re lucky, you might find it for £14.99 in TK Maxx. I think I like this more than the cast iron, although… a serious cook would have one of those. It’s lighter and extremely easy to clean. It didn’t get as hot as I wanted it to be, that’s why the chicken looks a bit fried, rather than grilled. Probably the electric hob is to blame, not the pan.

Weekend roundup

It’s been a while since I posted a healthy meal on this blog. The weekend was all about  cooking and shopping, no time for writing.

On Friday I decided I should be an awesome girlfriend and cook dinner. So I went to the supermarket to buy some lettuce and ended up randomly selecting stuff. I didn’t feel very inspired, so I picked up a bunch of vegetables that didn’t make much sense. I had some lean pork in my fridge which needed to be cooked, but I couldn’t really decide how. I  grabbed some mushrooms, just in case, tomatoes, peppers, and decided to give broccoli a chance. I found a nice vegetable mix (snap peas, broccoli, carrots, baby corn). At home, I remembered I had some creme fraiche and I realised I want pork with creamy mushrooms. By the way, I’ve found this amazing recipe by Jamie Oliver. I’m craving for some wild mushrooms now, not the pale spongy ones you can easily find in the supermarket. Not the right season, though…

I still don’t know how to cook tender pork. Maybe it depends on the cut. The meat tasted great, but the texture was a bit too harsh.

Broccoli doesn’t stand a chance, unfortunately.

Saturday we had our first training with the new schedule. Split squats and cleans nearly killed me. But then I got home and recovered with this:

I’m into German sausages and salami at the moment. I filled my fridge with all varieties I could find. And this omelette that my boyfriend made…at least 100 times better than what I cooked last week. Fighting over the last bite was definitely worth it.

In the evening we had to cook dinner for him. I wasn’t supposed to eat anything, but I had to taste this:

 Those are Shiitake mushrooms. They look quite funny…

 …and they have a funny name.

The dessert he had is a big “no no” because the cream contains honey. The figs are a good addition, though. Lately, I’ve been stuffing my face with fruit. I assume that’s healthy enough.

On Sunday I went shopping for loaf tins and got back home with a grill pan. I haven’t tested the fire alarms yet. Soon, very soon…

We had lunch at Nando’s because we kinda missed it. The chicken was delicious as usually, but the salad was extremely disappointing. It lacked flavour and crunchiness. Next time I’m ordering grilled haloumi cheese and mushrooms with extra coleslaw.

In the evening I made almond flour flatbread, as I wanted to have something for breakfast this week. It tastes like home-made pizza crust – just like that edge on which you dropped some cheese and now it’s all baked and golden brown. It’s great, but very filling. I had a small square this morning and that was enough. I still can’t imagine how this replaces bread. All the bread substitute recipes contain eggs and cheese. The result,  most of the time,  is a fancy cheesy omelette. This recipe is more on the cheesy side, rather than eggy, so I’m planning to bake it again. Next time I’ll add rosemary, and some poppy seeds, perhaps. I found some nice jam with no added sugar, but I still need something to spread it on. The quest for the perfect cracker continues.

The healthy pancakes we had today looked genuine, but lacked any resemblance to the real deal in terms of taste. Whey protein, ricotta and 6 eggs are nothing than a good vehicle for peanutella. I’m going to make my own version, just to prove that it can be done properly.

I am a squirrel!

Otherwise, I couldn’t explain why I have about 8 kg of dried fruit and nuts in my room:

See those hazelnuts? They will disappear first. They’re just pure, raw nutella. I munched on them till my jaw hurt. You can order these healthy treats from HBS Natural Choice. Their offer is amazing, I had a really difficult time choosing between all that, I just wanted everything!

Tonight’s dinner was an enormous steak with some mushroom and a simple salad. I know the colours on my plate match each other too well, but I love this dish anyway.

Seriously, who cares?! I mean, just look at that steak… Look at it!

Now I remember why I don’t like raw onions in my salads. Everything tastes of onions, so I’m balancing it with raspberries and grapes. And a banana, and a few hazelnuts… maybe grapes again? I am a terrible person!

Omelette du fromage

I’ve never invested so much time and care in making an omelette. At first, I sliced the tomatoes and sweet peppers, and threw them in a pan with some hot oil. Then I chopped some dill, a little bit of onion, some Milano salami, a mini Babybel, added the eggs and – voilà! – the most complicated omelette I could think of. The salad was half eaten before the eggs were even getting cooked. Biltong matches the grapefruit perfectly and the subtle dill flavour brings cohesion into this salad. The only thing it’s lacking is a recipe, I simply added whatever I felt like. The result was better than I expected.

I didn’t get to share them, so here are my measurements before and after the diet:

Height 155 155
Weight 57.6 55.2
Neck 31 31
Chest – Upper 89 86
Chest – Lower 76 73
Waist – at Navel 80 76
Waist – at largest 88 84
Hips – at largest 98 96
Upper Arm – L 26 25
Upper Arm – R 26 25
Upper Leg – L 56 55.5
Upper Leg – R 58 56.5
Lower Leg – L 36 36.5
Lower Leg – R 37 37.5
Ankle – L 22.5 22.5
Ankle – R 23 23

They all seem to have decreased, except my calves. Of course, there’s some significant error in my measurements, in spite of repeating them over and over. My legs are shaped a bit differently now and it’s difficult to estimate how I took the initial measurement. However, I tend to believe these numbers. If I look at my training sheet, on most of the exercises I’ve increased the weight until I reached my max and then struggled there for a long period of time. On squats, there is a steady increase. I’ve started with 35 kg and managed to add 2.5 kg at every two sessions. I’ve even reached my personal record (47.5 kg in one rep, that was before Xmas). I should’ve lifted 52.5 today, but there was no space in the powerlifting room. Maybe next time…