About the V-Diet

I’ve always dreamed about having my own food blog, where I can share tasty recipes and gorgeous photos. Unfortunately, I don’t cook enough to justify a dedicated blog. This diet, however, deserves all the attention. My kg and cm don’t matter right now, but there are a few things I’ve learned which are worth sharing. Especially, I’ve been reading arguments against this diet which have proven to be wrong, but nobody talks about that.

I’ve been picturing my life on the diet since I’ve decided to do it and, I have to admit, everything turned out pretty different.

What I thought: “I will starve on this diet and the only way I’ll be able to survive is drinking mint tea all day long.”

Wrong, completely wrong. I am actually less hungry than usual, because I’m having food every 3 hours. And even if I get a bit hungry, I know I can wait another half-hour or so and have a shake. Psyllium husks definitely make life easier. It doesn’t feel I’m on a liquid diet, it seems more like watery porridge. I can’t imagine how it would be to take fibre pills instead. I’m guessing I would struggle a lot more.

What I’ve learned: I need more fibre in my meals.

“I will constantly wait impatiently for the next shake.”

I actually feel full most of the time. Sometimes I wish I could skip a shake, but I force myself to eat it anyway. Any delays and I get extremely hungry afterwards and crave for unhealthy dishes.

So, I will need to eat more regularly and pack several snacks for work. And when I say snacks, I don’t mean a fruit or some nuts. It has to be a real meal.

“My belly will be empty and flat all the time. Clothes will suddenly fit me better.”

I couldn’t get this more wrong. I’m a small person and I find the shakes too large. I am bloated and full most of the time. I’m not worried, though. It seems to be a common symptom. This is the 10th day and I’ve only shed about 1.5 kg and no cm. Still, I feel different. My muscles are definitely getting stronger and I can feel them underneath that layer of floppy fat. It’s getting less difficult to sit properly at my desk and my back doesn’t hurt anymore.

So, our new training program must be working. I like the V-challenge, I will do it after the diet as well.

“I will want to eat only healthy food after this diet.”

Everybody mentioned that. In my case, this is not much of a difference. My favourite dish is grilled chicken with vegetables. I liked healthy food even before this diet. Ironically, at the moment I’m craving all sorts of unhealthy stuff – extremely greasy salty junk food. I’m not too worried yet. I know this won’t last. I’m just a bit hungry and sentimental now.

“The diet doesn’t teach you how to eat healthy.”

Indeed, it doesn’t encourage you to count calories, grams of fat or carbs. But it does make you eat more regularly. It does  make you more aware of your protein intake and your sugar levels. And you suddenly realise you need less than you thought.

“I will be tempted to eat real food all the time during the diet.”

This is actually the easiest part of the diet. You simply know you cannot eat anything else than the shakes. I usually don’t miss solid meals. Sometimes smelling real food makes me feel full and happy inside. I get enough nutrients from the shakes, I don’t need to add more.

Just to make it clear, this doesn’t mean it’s easy all the time. I do get all sort of cravings out of the blue, but I know it’s only psychological, there’s no need to panic about it. Just wait and it will go away with the next shake. Sometimes I act silly and take detours on my way home just to sniff the ‘Trailer of Life’, although I’ve never eaten at that place and have no intention to. Or sometimes I’m tempted to follow people just because they carry food and smell delicious. Crazy, huh?

I guess I should stop here, otherwise somebody would be too lazy to read.

I’ll talk about the mistakes I’ve been doing before the diet and how I plan to balance these on my next post.


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