Hello world!

So here I am… after one year of stuffing myself with mini blueberry muffins and pain aux raisins from the supermarket, gaining 8 extra kilos, at the end of my first week of real dieting.

I’ve always tried to avoid diets, keeping it simple, planning my meals better, refusing to count calories, and indulging whenever I felt like. However, a new country, a new lifestyle, less opportunities and time to cook, more stress and sleepless nights, they’ve all taken their toll. The steak+salad wonder has lost its magic and, in spite of rigorous training, those extra kilos are here to stay. For a little while, I hope.

My training buddies are going through this crazy V-Diet and I’ve decided to join them. This blog is the result of one week living on protein shakes only and longing for real food. I won’t say craving. Cravings are irrational food obsessions. What I’m experiencing now is similar to having your best friend moving to the other side of the planet. I’m simply heartbroken. All that, plus the occasional cravings.

As a consequence, I’m starting this blog in the attempt to track my progress and the problems I encounter through and after this diet. Will I be able to shed those extra kilos and keep a full, healthy and delicious life? Am I going to find that balance we are all aiming for? I’m hoping this blog will be the proof of that.

But it’s a long way till there. Tonight I’m obsessing over Sun-dried Tomato&Basil Chicken Pasta and I’m sniffing the chocolate brioche my boyfriend left in my room. I’m not going to eat it, that’s for sure, and I have no intention in doing so after the diet. However, the pasta dish is a must. The thought I shouldn’t be eating it at all ever again …throws me into despair. One thing I must learn for sure is how far I can push these cravings and how little I can indulge before it really affects my progress.

For now, I’m sticking to the diet and counting down the days. I’m expecting a rough Week no 2 and, so far, I’ve been proven on numerous occasions that I completely underestimated the difficulty of this diet.


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